Mundimicro Corp. was founded in 2011 in the state in Florida, U.S.A. to resolve logistical problems and support a group of importers in Brazil

In the current market, there are intermediaries between the manufacturer and the final destination do not have the focus on customer service and optimization, thus a lack of attention, commitment and constant improvements to the importer, for all of these reasons, our purpose is to be an extension of the importer in the U.S. operating internally and anywhere in the world.


We are located in Miami in the state of Florida, near to Miami International Airport (MIA), offering a greater agility and lower costs for consignments of goods.

We have a surface of ​​1500 square meters, which has a capacity to store the goods in that area in both vertical and horizontal positions, enabling to create more space in the warehouse.

Our office is a completely technological environment ,  security cameras and access control store.


We strive to be an extension of the importer on American territory , this way , we are geared to any activity that the importer requires and can offer our infrastructure, our knowledge and our time to support any operation logistics.

Our business operations offers the following services:

  • Commercial Services: Agency of product and market, trading , payments, outsourcing , sub – lease structure and company mailboxes.

  • Storage Services: Reception,  product benchmarking , pallet position , repackaging , product handling, reclassification and dispatch.

  • Transportation: Shipping domestic and international by Air, Ocean, ground and Trail.

  • Door to door : We manage the procurement process, withdrawal or receipt of goods , re-packing and shipping directly to the end consumer.

Our mission is to understand the challenges of our customers and seek the best solutions , so do not hesitate to come to us , we can draw the logistics project from the origin to the end destination with an analysis of the tax burden for NCM coming up for resale.


For more information:

Email: (English, Portuguese and Spanish)

USA Phone (24 hours): +1 305 677-9904

BRAZIL Phone (24 hours): +55 041 3906-0898